The following Testimonials are from actual clients who have appreciated the benefits of the treatments that Mind Glowing Therapies has to offer. Book an appointment today so you can enjoy the benefits too. 

I’d just like to say I haven’t felt this good in months! I don’t know what you did or how it works but that doesn’t matter, I really do feel so much better. Thank you so much.

Unbelievable! So happy, cheers for making it work and for the relief.


I just have to tell you about the most amazing thing that happened to me yesterday. After I saw you, I had to go to Miranda to buy some gifts for upcoming events. Usually  going to the shops makes me anxious and I rush to do whatever I have to do and quickly leave. Not yesterday. I stopped and spoke to the shop assistants when previously I get nervous to answer their “how are you, can I help you?” questions. I was comfortable and liberated in a way. I think maybe previously I was closed but yesterday I was “open” to having conversations and I’m sure I was putting it out there for them to respond like that. Thank you so much for that, already!

M A.

With each session I began to feel stronger and more able to deal with situations that arose. I feel less emotional, more centered and more in control of my life. I am better able to communicate my needs and express my feelings.


I have a much more confident and positive outlook on life and my own power to achieve happiness and confidence. I found Hypnotherapy extremely relaxing and uplifting, it has helped ease my anxiety and depression and I like the idea of using my inner power to overcome those feelings with my subconscious mind.


I had a more positive thought processes surrounding food; I didn’t feel like I was denying myself. I had more positive self talk. Things are now achievable.


My mind set has changed. I feel able to stay focused, less distracted.


I feel empowered and strong with my resolve and choices. I found the experience motivating, reinforcing, empowering, relaxing, reassuring.


I have felt more relaxed and motivated to progress with emotional issues. I found it to be a time to focus on myself. A chance to make “me time” with the goal of self improvement. I would definitely recommend it to others with similar issues (OCD)