Hypnosis for Cancer Relief Illawong Sydney

If you have been  diagnosed with cancer then the intense anguish you are experiencing, along with the varieties of pain you are likely to experience. Pain from the disease itself, from its treatments, and from the deep psychological and social changes it induces. These do not make your journey any easier. Your battle is as much psychological as it is physical. Mind Glowing Therapies has had tremendous experience and success using Hypnosis for Cancer Relief in Illawong Sydney.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a method that helps a person enter into a state of calm, alert awareness so you can more easily work on making personal changes. Hypnosis for Cancer Relief Illawong SydneyHypnosis brings a state of deep relaxation. The relaxation during hypnosis makes it easier to observe anxieties, fears, pain, and other difficulties from a new perspective, changing the way you deal with them . Very effective while undergoing treatment.

Hypnosis can help a person be more open to suggestion. Hypnosis enables openness, because the conscious mind — which can be more closed and critical — is quiet. The unconscious mind has center stage. This allows us to encourage a positive, more motivated mindset focussed on healing and utilising the treatment to it’s best effect.

If the disease is terminal, I also offer palliative sessions. These allow you and your family and friends a period of respite and comfort in distressing times.

Therapy sessions can be done in my office in Illawong, at your home or in hospital.


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