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At Mind Glowing Therapies we are experienced in working with people with anger issues, assisting them in turning their lives around  using Anger Counselling.  Like all emotions, anger is there for a purpose. It lets us know that we are suffering from some form of distress. This is important because although anger can be uncomfortable, it can also motivate us to address our underlying needs, desires, or perceived threats. It’s unprocessed anger that can lead to conflict, social isolation, problems at work, substance abuse, depression, shame, and even incarceration. Unprocessed anger is what we can help you with.


What is Anger?

Not everyone processes anger by being aggressive. Some people express anger by directing it inwards, towards themselves.   Others deny their anger, or become silent and withdrawn. So none of these are healthy reactions. They all lead to stress, tension and anxiety. But because many of us are relatively easily angered. This can be influenced by a number of things including  our biology or how we have been treated in the past (our experiences). Even what we observed from family members, partners, friends, or the media and we may not have learned other ways to cope.

Anger usually begins with an event that challenges your internal harmony and well-being. It may or may not be related to another person’s behavior, it could also be due to circumstances. It may involve a single negative event or a series of events that combine to affect your mood. Or a trigger can even be imaginary, based on something you anticipate happening in the future.

How We Work with Anger

To manage anger in a healthier way, and to prevent it from turning destructive, involves self-reflection and an examinations of our beliefs. . With Anger Counselling we can help you to examine your own experiences without reacting to them or becoming overwhelmed. We will explore that fact that your thoughts, feelings, and physical reactions are only temporary rather than a fixed part of who you are. This gives you increased freedom to choose how to react to them.

Using Anger Counselling, we work towards getting you to practice self reflection and self-compassion, which involves understanding  your own negative experiences. To accept yourself without judgment, as well as seeing yourself as deserving of a better life. It’s a process which can turn your life around. We will guide you in developing skills that enable you to reduce your reactions to events. That strengthen your ideas of self and promote emotional sensitivity.  You will understand where your anger comes from while providing guidelines for safe, effective communication.

What Now?

You don’t have to live with anger any longer. We are here to help you. Call now to make an appointment or book an appointment online by clicking the button below.

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